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Seattle Tekken Rankings

Rankings are based on tournament results and challenged matches.

The challenged matches are First to 5 wins.

If someone higher ranked then you challenges you, you can decline the match, but if someone is lower ranked then you, you have to accept, unless you've played a challenged match with that person in the last 3 days.

Its up to the challenger to make sure the match happens. For example, if the two players live different cities, the challenger will have to travel or arrange a mutually acceptable location.

The challenged can always decline though if there is good enough reason (ie: the challenge is issued right before you have to leave, or your stick is broken, etc)

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Title Status Ranksort icon
EBM Active 44.0015
Colton Active 39.8474
Jonnie Bravo Active 35.5365
Psylence Active 32.074
Hattorisan Active 32.068
13th Warrior Active 25.8667
Monstroso Active 24.2108
CV32 Active 23.8626
Jermanji Active 23.4884
Enjoicam Active 22.5678
Tex Active 20.4408
Ojisan Active 19.9114
Cold Cuts Active 18.8944
dnarii Active 16.2745
Fullmetal-Alex Active 16.1055
ViciousLee Active 13.686
Easy Money Active 13.2232
NotoriousLemon Active 12.9372
Zanaso Active 12.7644
Tacoma_Dio Active 12.7636
Mythos Active 11.9028
Grape DR Active 11.7851
Asa Active 9.67608
SushiKid Active 6.71548
Fiendish Active 6.26498
Bambi Active 5.04048
Fake Joe Active 4.64806
Kunitoshi Active 4.59749
Dex Kwon Do Active 4.24851
Seatac Charles Active 3.56398
Serpent Active 2.41217
todou Active 1.37695
Gino Active 0.93127
Duncan Active -0.0924852
Andrew Dolphin Active -0.419758
Probable Cause Active -0.946475
Nescron Active -1.96837
Gump Active -2.51344
DH Active -3.72907