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Tekken Zaibatsu

Tekken Zaibatsu is the goto site for player interaction. They have the most extensive dedicated forums for Tekken and its the place to go to to talk about strategies, gatherings, tournaments or anything else Tekken related.

Tekken Zaibatsu

SD Tekken

SD Tekken is the place for up todate news on Tekken and fighting games in general.

SD Tekken

Frame Data Frame data is very important to high level play. Players that know the frame data know what is safe and what can be punished, along with what moves can punish. You should learn your character's 10-frame, 12-frame, 14-frame and 15-frame punishers. If you don't know those, you'll have a much more difficult time of it.
Level Up Your Game

A great web series that covers a lot of topics, both for beginners and more experienced players.


Shoryuken is probably the most popular fighting game website out there. They have extensive forums and a lot of good news updated fairly regularly.

Avoiding the Puddle

A Blog by Aris, that has a lot of good tutorials and information.

'Quick' Punishment guide

Just to get a quick taste of how complex Tekken is... a 'quick' punishment guide is over 4 hours long... but it has a lot of good information. If you want to know a move's weakness, this is a good place to start!